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Product development


Drill concept.png


Product co-development FOR FUN

Product development for a customer is great: the thrill of constantly trying to exceed someone's expectations is a never ending challenge and, if I may say so, can be quite addictive from time to time.


However, in all honesty... nothing beats random product development (or idea development mostly) just for the fun of it.

Below you can find some random "concepts" that might/might not (pick your choice) someday become reality.



Concept 01

This innovative and radical redesign of the bike cockpit not only makes the bike look fast while standing still, it also significantly simplifies the overall cockpit layout thus potentially reducing aerodynamic drag.

Height and width Adjustable arm-pads and custom-made 3D printed “extension grips” guarantee optimal comfort for those long hours in the saddle.

Rocking dog concept.PNG

Rock that horse!

Concept 02

Back and forth, left and right, and everything in between!


Rock-that-horse is a modern interpretation of the classical rocking horse. The unique balanced base allows 360° of rocking freedom with a specific maximum tilt for each angle. 

Can you imagine a better way for kids (and adults) to train their balance?


Cars are cool?

Concept 03

Car design used to be the Mecca of product design, and it might still be considered so today. Personally I always felt I preferred designing "simple" products such as bicycles over "complex" products such as cars. That being said I find myself coming back to drawing cars' over and over again as they, at least to me, remain the most challenging products to sketch.



Concept 04

Packing bags can be difficult... but keeping your clothing "stored" inside a suitcase or duffelbag without it getting creased is nearly impossible.

"Buns" is a packing solution that adresses both challenges by helping you to store your clothing in tight rolls (which is the most compact way to pack). The "Bun" protects your clothing from creases and dirt and, at the same time, allows to label each garment so you remember what you packed for which occasion.

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