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As BDN Co-Engineering my aim is to actively support small companies to "materialize" the best possible solution to the problem they wish to address. BDN Co-Engineering offers a critical, curious, and supportive can-do attitude, a technical skill-set with experience in product design in both automotive and bicycle industries, and a strong belief every problem can be solved by creativity and perseverance.

As consultant and partner in crime I hope to support start-ups from the "ideation" phase all the way to the "quality maturation" phase after the first pilot product batch. Regardless of production volumes or product complexity I'm happy to take on any challenge.

Who am I?

My professional career so far is well described on linkedin, but who I am as a person unfortunately is not. I'd be happy to invite you for a drink so we can get to know each other in person (which I believe we should before starting any project). In the meantime as "digital alternative" I'd like to invite you to read the following books which , at least in part, shaped me into the person I am today.

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